The secret of life is butter, said Didier, the chef de cuisine in the movie Last Holiday. We will agree with the Chef Diddier, played by the French actor Gerard Depardieu, but with a little intervention: The secret of life is vanilla and butter.


It always takes two for love, and butter and vanilla are in an unbreakable love affair at Madame Vanille’s Cake Workshop.


The magic vanilla has a special place in our workshop. This sensual aroma is one of the essential ingredients of each desert which is made to be special. Vanilla is a flower, a fragrance. An Essence, but also an aphrodisiac. A pure sublimation of refined sensuality. An aroma that everyone reacts positively to. Have you ever met anyone who doesn’t like vanilla’s scent? Or that her fragrance note makes someone nervous, anxious, or aggressive?


Vanilla is a pure mystery. A mysterious wild orchid, originally form Central America origin. During the colonial period, Spanish brought it to Europe, from where it spread to the islands of the Indian Ocean during the 19th century. During the 20th century vanilla has become an indispensable ingredient of the contemporary gastronomy, especially confectionery.

at Madame Vanille’s workshop, the selected ingredients for happiness are butter, the finest Belgian chocolate, bourbon vanilla, but also rare Tahitian vanilla, which we keep only for special occasions and delicate palates. We are thriving to develop our recipes with care and passion. Madame Vanille celebrates Joie de vivre, which is reflected in the beauty of our simple daily rituals. One of the most important one is dining.


One of the most powerful emotions that we can experience anew every day is dining together. Sharing the ritual secret of eating with people we care about and love. A delicious dessert, as the crown of the meal, brings a sumptuous finale that is shared with family and friends.

And yes, butter and vanilla are the secret of life, but the combination of carefully selected flavors in the form of a refined dessert is pure love.


Without secrets!